Our kids have been eating more salad lately (spinach salad specifically). Partly because we urged it on them, but quickly because they wanted it. Sophi gets really excited about it, Molly’s a little more ambivalent.

Sophi has officially declared she doesn’t like anything from McDonalds except Apple Dippers. She doesn’t like fries, chicken nuggets, or burgers. The other day she asked if she could have peanut butter and jelly and a salad at home when we got McD’s to go.

How odd.

In other news, we were headed to the bank the other day and Molly asked why. I said “To ROB it!”. Molly said “No Daddy! We can’t do that!”.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because we’d have to wear all black, and I don’t look good in black!”

Crime averted.

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