It never ceases to amaze me how fun really old “video” games can be, and how long they can last. This last weekend at Camp Barakel I played Ckidzo with my dad.

It’s billed as a cocktail game, because it’s a table top with a “completely spill-proof surface”. It’s a bit like hockey, with four players. The joy sticks don’t have any tactile feedback, not even a spring, so they’re just metal sticks coming out of the surface.

I love finding old hardware like that.

One thought on “Ckidzo, by Meadows

  1. I just bought an arcade machine last night by Meadows. It could either be Ckidzo or Flim Flam, and I have, thus far, been unable to determine which game it is. I took a look at a picture of Flim Flam, and my game looks much like it, but it has an instruction card which is not on the Flim Flam machine I have seen pictures of. However, most information I have seen does not note that there are speed control buttons for Ckidzo, which is something my machine has. Do you remember if the joysticks have singular buttons with each joystick, and if you can change the size of the paddles?

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