The other day I posted a picture of Molly looking for loose teeth.  At the time it was totally random, she just decided to look.  It never occured to me that she could really be getting loose teeth.

Last week she was sick, and I gave her some medicine in a little cup and when she tipped her head back I noticed that her lower teeth were really out of alignment.  They didn’t used to be, so I asked her if I could take a look.  One of her lower front teeth is really quite loose.  She excited like crazy of course.  She wants the quarter she has coming to her from the tooth fairy.

Last night she said her teeth (plural) hurt, so I took another look, and both her upper front teeth are loose too!  Not nearly as loose as the lower one, which could come out in a week or so, but definitely loose.

I don’t remember losing teeth that early.  My mother-in-law says my wife did though, so that’s probably it.  We’ll have to see.

3 thoughts on “Coming of age.

  1. My nephew’s 5 and I talked to him on the phone last night, and he said he has a couple loose teeth, so I guess it’s normal, though shocking to realize that they are getting old fast. 🙂

  2. last summer Owens top 2 teeth came loose,,,he lost one and the tooth fairy came,,,( didn’t you know its $5 for the 1st tooth ! ) the next day he said,,my other tooth is loose,,,we said haha,,,and ta da ,,,it was ,,,,,by the weekend ,,,Fathers Day ,,,his 2 bottom teeth were loose too,,,, well,,,,he was playing frisbee with Uncle James ,,,,,YUP,,,, 3 teeth out in one shot ,,,,but the toothfairy haggles more on the subsequent teeth ,,,,a dollar for the 3 !,,,,,,,,
    SO,,,loose and out at 5,,,,Some kids are early ,,,and my 9 year old nephew ,,,still has baby teeth ,,,,,

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