Last night before bed Sophi asked me to get the "clo" off her bed.

I asked her what a clo was, and she pointed at a shirt at the foot of her bed.

"Clo" is singular for "clothes".

Who knew?

4 thoughts on “Good quote

  1. Children are inherently logical. I would say they are more logical than adults. Sophi is a good example. One dog, two dogs. One rock, two rocks. One clo, two clothes. (Though I suspect she hears it more as “close”.)

    My wife was shopping recently and picked up a water bottle for my son’s new hamster (he has two now). A nice old lady stopped and asked my older daughter (she is three), “Do you have a hamster, little girl?” Alysabeth immediately replied, “No; I have a dresser.” Huh? The connection is *obvious* – if one is logical. Trey’s hamster cages are on top of his dresser. The two go hand in hand – dressers and hamster cages. She does not have the one, but she has the other. :-)

  2. Well, since my initals are CLO, Vicki uses that phrase when it’s time for me to get up. :-) Love the logic of the kiddos!

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