I got a thing in that mail a few months back about Credit/Debt Recovery, and noted that the brochure had a large section about how cool a certain guy’s blog was. That struck me as unique in any industry, particularly one like that one. So I checked it out.

All things considered, it’s very very cool. He wrote a book about Credit/Debt Recovery a while back, hence his claim to knowledge, and I’ve found the content both enlightening and interesting.

For instance, did you know that until recently you couldn’t get a credit report on yourself without paying a fee? And that recently the Feds made it a law that you can get one per year for free, and the people who used to charge HAVE to give it to you? Of course, those people are grumpy, and making it as hard as possible, and this guy’s blogging about it.

He also blogs about credit companies, AND credit recovery companies, and tries to make plain what’s a scam and what isn’t, and why.

Regardless of your current credit or debt status, the blog is an interesting read. Americans in general are so far in personal debt that it affects all of us, so it’s good to keep on top of that industry.

One thought on “Cool blog about credit

  1. Mortgage companies (actually, all lenders) now have to disclose credit scores when you apply for a mortgage. This law went into effect on 01 December. The law is now much less gray concerning providing a copy of a full credit report to an applicant. In the past many mortgage companies were reluctant to do so since they are not credit *reporting* agencies. This has changed significantly.

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