3 thoughts on “Cool moon shot

  1. Awesome. I am using it for my background. To think we saw the same moon in the US but it was just big and orange. Friday morning it set really orange too.

  2. This is probably waaaaaaaaaay out there, but I knew a Topher waaaaaaaaaay back in the day in Lansing…any chance you would’ve dated a girl that went to Lansing Christian (in MI) waaaaaaaaaay back in the day? Like the 90’s?

    If not, then well….um…sorry. 🙂
    I do like the pic though.
    I’m really not a random blogger-looker..I saw that you posted on Amelia’s blog and I know her from Cornerstone U.

  3. Now, I’d be happy to be proven wrong on this, and I’m certainly not the astronomy buff in the room, but …
    I’m pretty sure the moon isn’t magnified, it’s always the same size and just looks bigger when we have foreground to compare it to.

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