Near the end of August, I started hankering for Fall.  Looking back at past years posts, I feel this way every year.  This year I made a concerted effort to enjoy the time I was in, and not be guilty of Yoda’s words "he looked away, to the future, to the horizon…never his mind on where he was, what he was doing…"

Yesterday at the grocery store, Sophi asked if we could get some watermelon.  My wife hates it, and Molly won’t touch it because it has seeds.  I love a good ice cold watermelon though, so we picked up a quarter melon to split.

Last night we took it out on the deck where we could get crazy and dug in.  Molly requested carrots instead, so she got a bowl.  The temp was about 72° F, a gentle breeze, and the sprinklers were going.  I hacked off a chunk and gave it to Sophi and then another one for me, and we celebrated summer.

Sophi ate about half her slice, and I ate about 4 slices before deciding I shouldn’t eat the whole thing.  So we took a nice fat piece next door to where our neighbors were sitting on their front porch.  The Men of that house tend to sit out front, and various of their friends swing by and chit-chat occasionally.  We don’t really know them, but we wave, and they wave back.  It was nice to offer, and they were pleased to accept.

Now it’s time for windy days, hot cider, turkey dinners, beef stew, and pretty lights.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Passing of the seasons

  1. don’t forget football games, playing in the leaves, seeing your breath fog up in front of you… and Andy says hunting too 🙂

  2. Pretty lights.

    Yes, I too love driving around with my wife on a chilly day, enjoying the beautiful autumnlight displays in our neighborhood.

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