The ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle)I’ve always been interested in and excited by new power sources.  I fully expect the day to come when there are more non-gasoline powered vehicles on the road in America than otherwise.

The bike on the right here is The ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle)

The cool points?

  • It uses hydrogen for fuel, so the exhaust is essentially water
  • It has about the same noise impact as a home computer (they’ve considered having it generate artificial noise for safety reasons)
  • It’ll go 100 miles on a single charge
  • It’ll go 50mph
  • It weights about the same as a mountain bicycle

Talk about perfect for the short commute to work.  And it doesn’t even look totally geeky.

The drawback?  It "…presently can only be refueled at a BP station in the Essex town of Hornchurch…".

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