I realized today that niether I nor my wife have any St. Patrick’s day traditions.  I wore green in grade school to avoid being pinched, but that’s about it.  I’ve always enjoyed Irish lore though, so I thought I’d spruce up my blog for it.

In college I did an independent study on Ireland.  We were supposed to pick a people group, country, or some other easily categorized group, and do a missions study on them.  Part of it was normal statistical and informational material, but there was to be a large componant that discussed where they stood in relation to Christ, and missions.  I think it was supposed to be 50 pages long.  Being a budding web developer, I made mine into a web page (link above).  I wish all papers like that were still around.

Since I’m kind of a history buff, I like to know the history behind holidays.  So check out what Wikipedia has to say about St. Patrick.

And for those interested, I put some PHP into the top of my header include that sets $stpat = "0317" and $day = date("md") and compared them.  If true, it inserts the css to make this page green.  I may do that for all holidays.  We’ll see.

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