Ethermet is the wire that your high speed internet conn ection runs through.  The plug on the end is an rj45 connector.  This image shows how to wire one, as well as how to wire a crossover cable.  Crossovers are used for connecting two computers directly.  You can’t use a normal one for that, and you can’t use a crossover for connection right to the hub/switch/router or whatever.

5 thoughts on “Crossover anyone?

  1. I have seen these diagrams. I became all too familiar with the process of creating ethernet cables shortly before deciding that it was incredibly frustrating. The hardest thing for me was getting all the wires in the correct order in all the little slots… Very frustrating. Not fun at all.

  2. Man, if I had a dollar for every ethernet cable I’ve made. Especially at Cornerstone! Crossover cables were awesome back in the early days of gaming when switches (er, HUBS) were really expensive and cable was cheap… Whip up a crossover, give each machine a static IP, and game away!

  3. That is T568B, if you swap the greens and the oranges you have T568A. Or another way of saying that is leftside of the crossover is T568B and the right side of the crossover is T568A. I almost always do everything in B.

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