My wife worked tuesday evening, and I stayed home with the girls.  They were good, and having a good time, and then all cuteness broke loose.  I have no idea what happened to trigger such an onslaught, but I could hardly keep up.

The Opening Scene

The girls were playing in their bedroom, wearing their Princess gear.  I was in the bathtub, soaking.  I noticed it was about 4:15, and I wanted to hit the candy store before supper, partly to get them some candy, partly to get some for my wife. 

I called out to them, "Girls, I need you to get dressed so we can go to the candy store!".  To which Molly quickly replied "Ok, just a minute please, we have to clean up first!".

I sat stunned for a few moments.  They’re good kids, and do a good job with that kind of thing, but it was just so perfect.

By the time I came out of the bathroom, their room was picked up, their Princess dresses put away, clothes (matching) all put on, and shoes on the right feet.  We were about to head out when Sophi said "I gotta go potty daddy!" and made a beeline for the bathroom.  Heaven and Earth moved out of her way.  A few minutes later I peeked in to make sure all was well, and she looked up and me and winked, blew me a tiny kiss, and whispered "I love you daddy".  How can you beat that?

So Sophi came out, and Molly said "Daddy, if I help Sophi get into her seat, may we go out to the car now?"  I said sure, and by the time I got to the car, Molly was in her seat and buckled, and Sophi was in her seat half buckled.

On the way to the store, Molly said "How come we’re going to the candy store Daddy?"

I answered, "To get some special candy for Momma.  Do you know anyone else who might like some?"

An immediate chorus of "US!" arose from the back seat.

The Sweetlands Candy shop is attached to Jukebox Joe’s diner, so we park out back, and go in through the back door and walk through the diner.  The waitresses all wear pink poodle skirts, and as Sophi danced up the hall toward the dining room,  a covey of them started whispering amongst themselves about how cute the girls were.  When we got to where they were, they said "Well aren’t you guys cute!  What are you here for?"

Sophi immediately said "To get candy for our MOMMA!".  Gasps of awe at their overwhelming cuteness ensued.  One lady said "Make sure you pick out something yummy for me too!’

When we got into the candy store, Molly asked "What shall we get for that lady, Daddy?"  I asked her what she’d ilke to get her, and Molly picked out a Love Bug.  It’s a small chocolate covered peanut butter confection with LadyBug tin-foil on it, and little legs attached. 

There were chocolate covered cashews out for sampling, and Molly turned and looked at me and said "Daddy, may I have one?"

I said, "You’ll have to ask the lady."

She turned and said "May I please have one to share with my sister?"  Beautiful.

As we walked back through Joe’s the lady said "What did you get me?"  Molly held out her hand flat with the love bug on it, and said "This is for you!".  (a chorus of "awwwww!" from behind the counter).  "You didn’t have to get me anything!"  Molly looked confused.  Why wouldn’t she get something special for a nice lady, stranger or not?

As we got into the car, Sophi sniffled a little, and I said "What’s wrong Sophi?". 

"I wanted to get a love bug for Momma too, because I love her!" she said. 

"But Momma doesn’t like those", I told her.  "That’s why we got her her special Almond Joy chocolates."  Then all was well.

As we were riding home, Molly asked "Daddy, will the spaghetti be ready when we get home?".

"No", I told her.  "I still need to make it."

Do you think we could play in our princess dresses for a few more moments while you cook?"  Moments?  Where did she get that?  "Of course!" I replied.

Fast forward now a couple hours.  My baby niece Abby is sleepnig in her car seat.  She wasn’t covered or anything, but I figured if she was comfortable enough to sleep, I wasn’t going to mess with her.  Sophi came out to the kitchen and said "Baby Abby looked cold, so I put her blanket on her.  That was very thoughtful of me, wasn’t it?"  She’s 3.  And she’s very thoughtful.

So skip back a few days to last Saturday.  It’s morning, I’m bathing the girls.  Molly’s done, and playing at one end of the tub, and I have Sophi’s head all in a lather, and out of nowhere, Molly starts singing "I’ll have a bluuuuuuuue Christmas, without youuuuu".  I didn’t even know she knew that song.  That’s the only line she knew of course, so on the road later that day we worked on the rest of the song.  now she knows almost all of it.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I almost certainly missed something, because it was non-stop cuteness there for about 45 minutes.  Stay tuned for more.

3 thoughts on “Cutest. Story. Ever.

  1. Every time you talk about those girls, you make me wish a little more that I can have cute kids too. Someday,

  2. It is when I hear stories like that I think maybe we should try for a girl. You are one lucky man Topher. I on the other hand, have the joy of sword fights, lightsaber fights, running, shouting, burping, and well you get the picture. Somedays it would be nice to have princesses in the house…

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