My Mom’s been in the hospital for about a week now, recuperating. She’s very groggy and not very responsive. She’ll nod yes or no, and say yes or no if you really pressure her, but prefers to not speak. They did an MRI last night, and it looks like she’s had one fair sized stroke, and maybe several smaller ones, and in fact they may have caused the seizures of last week.

My Dad is headed to the hospital this morning to talk to her doctor and find out more details, and what the implications are.

2 thoughts on “Different Strokes

  1. Just so you know we are remembering each of you in our prayers as you go through this difficult, emotional time. Give your wife a hug for me, okay?

  2. Praying Topher….
    We rest knowing that even in our darkest hours, God is there. This is a broken world, full of broken world experiences… but God is good… all the time, and all the time… God is good.

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