News about my Mom has come to us in spurts of good and bad.

Bad: We found out that we couldn’t afford extended care at a nursing home or anything, and she still couldn’t stand. So she came home on Halloween without being able to stand and my dad not being able to lift her.

Good: Insurance covered a hospital bed and Hoyer Lift for my Mom, and she has two different in-home therapists to help with motor and mental skills. Her bed is in the living room facing sliding doors, so she can look out at the woods and see people coming and going. They also tweaked her seizure meds before she left the hospital, and it made her much more aware and conversational. I got to talk to her on the phone, and she sounded almost normal, but I could tell she was losing bits of the conversation.

Bad: Friday evening she had 3 grand mal seizures in relatively quick succession. She was “normal” after the first two, but unresponsive after the third, so they took her to the emergency room.

I told the girls about the seizures, and Molly looked pretty sad, so I asked if she was ok. She said “I just want my old Grandma back.” and started to cry a little. So I held her for a while and we talked about how she’ll probably never be exactly the same, but she’ll always be special.

Good: At the emergency room they revived her easily and tweaked her seizure meds and sent her home right away. They started her back on some of the stuff that had made her sluggish though, so that’s a little bit of a downer.

It was after this actually that I talked to her, and she sounded so normal that I let the girls talk to her. Molly told her she really missed her, and that she’d cried, and then she said “In fact, I’m starting to cry right now, would you like to talk to Sophi?”. Sophi’s been taking it with a lot more aplomb. No tears, no sadness. She might just be too young to absorb it all.

Bad: Yesterday morning she ate about half her breakfast and felt REALLY sleepy, so my dad put her to bed and she didn’t wake up again that day. She woke up this morning very groggy and not very responsive, and too tired to swallow. So that’s more than 24 hours with no food, water, or meds.

Good: My dad got ahold of the local doctor at 8 this morning and has an appointment at 10:30. He suspects they’ll admit her to the hospital since she’s had no intake of anything, and get her metabolism stable again, and then probably send her home again. We’ll have to see.

Thanks for praying!

4 thoughts on “Roller Coaster News

  1. God knows the end, and we know we can trust God, but sometimes the tension of the now can be something. I pray for you and your family as you go through this. I like how you responded to Molly.

  2. Dear Topher,
    I remember your mom sharing so many good memories of Molly. I think Molly has a closer connection to your mom because she was around her more. What children think and express is so precious. I keep Lori updated. Your mom and dad and the extended family are in our prayers.
    Cousin Sandi

  3. Topher, Your mom and I have known each other and been friends since the year we were born. It hurts my heart that you are all having to go through this hard time, but I pray that God will be very real and close at this time. I’m praying for you all.
    Lori I

  4. We are continuing to pray for your mom, Topher. This is so difficult to go through, I know. Please be encouraged that others care about your family.

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