When we take our dogs for a walk, they almost always leave a special treat on someone’s lawn. For years now we’ve carried a couple plastic baggies to take care of that, just typical sandwich bags. The other day at the pet store we checked out the “official” bags, and there was a fairly nice selected of bio-degradable (except as defined by California) bags.

We got a package with a little dispenser and 30 bags for $5. Based on usage, that should last about a month and a half. That’s worth $5 to me.

In other news, SunChips® is doing a really cool thing. Today, 33% of every 10 1/2 oz. size SunChips® bag is made with renewable, plant based materials. The cooler thing is that by 2010 they intend to have all their bags 100% compostable. That’s really really cool. We’ve been avoiding chips lately for both health and plastic, and SunChips fills that hole nicely.

Additionally, SunChips® has built a solar energy collector at their Modesto plant to help power that plant, with the intention of putting them at all their plants.

Lastly, they’ve published documents on how to compost, as well as how their solar energy array works, so other people can benefit from what they’ve learned.

Yay SunChips!

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