The previews looked pretty good for Doogal.  It’s by the same people that did Hoodwinked, and we liked that, so we decided to go for it.  Sadly, it wasn’t worth it.

Hoodwinked was funny because of carefully placed clever cultural references.  Doogal was like that, but with the top of the salt shaker off.  Nearly every line was some kind of current cultural reference, and most just weren’t that funny.  Sure, there was the occasional really good one-liner (I can fly!…. No I can’t *WHAM*), but that wasn’t worth the $18 for 4 tickets.

I will say that my girls loved it.  It was a cartoon with a cute doggy and some slapstick.  There’s a very good chance we’ll be renting it when it comes out, but it’ll go right to their playroom and not come out until it’s time to take it back.

But there’s an upside to this sad story.  The projector broke in the middle of the movie, and I got to be the hero and up and make my way out of the dark theatre and tell someone.  Then that someone gave us 4 free tickets for any movie at any time, no expiration date.  Bonus!  See my next post for what we did with them.

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