A couple weeks ago Cate’s aunt died, and the memorial service was this last Friday. We went up Thursday evening and began a nice time of family togetherness.

Friday morning Joe and I went fishing. We caught lots and lots of very small fish, but we had a good time. Small lakes in the north are mighty peaceful early in the morning. We saw a family of ducks moving along the shoreline, with tiny ducklings swimming and hopping and climbing each other to keep up with mom and dad. We saw a kingfisher doing his thing too.

We went to the memorial service in the afternoon, and after that went to a cool ice cream place. They make all their own stuff with as many local ingredients as possible. So the Black Cherry was made with local cherries etc. And they had “pear and port wine” sorbet, which my wife tried to great delight.

After ice cream we went swimming in Healy Lake, where Joe and I had fished earlier that day. The girls are both fascinated and terrified by the water. They want to be in it all the time, doing what they’re comfortable with, but do NOT want to try new things. We work on it though. We swam until we were cold and tired, and then went home and had burgers on the grill, fresh sweet corn, cold watermelon, and lots of other yummy summer things.

A few weeks ago my in-laws got some chickens. They live in a very large coop out behind the barn. There are a couple roosters out there as well, so Joe started collecting eggs and putting them in an old incubator his mom had kept lo these many years. While we were playing cards Friday night we started hearing peeping from the incubator and took a peek. There were peck holes on a few eggs, so we started keeping watch.

They hadn’t hatched yet by morning, so Cate and I left for home, leaving the girls to watch. About 40 minutes later Molly called my cell phone.

“Dad one hatched! It’s black and I named him Sprocket and I showed him all around the house so he knows where everything is and Lucky likes him too!”

My mother-in-law took a bunch of pictures and even a video with my camera.

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