Urban Mill and It’s a Grind are the same place, offering bread and coffee.  It used to be just Urban Mill, and was a bread store.  When they brought in the coffee they expanded the store and put in open WiFi.

A few years ago I realized I never really saw my friend Alan much anymore, so I suggested we meet there for a half day once a week, and just work.

We did that until he left town, but Ed had already started coming as well, so I kept it up.  Lately I haven’t come as much, what with work demands.

Then the other day someone told me they’re closing.  Today’s the last day, so I made sure to be here (I’m typing this at the bar).  They’re looking for a new place, so maybe I’ll be able to come back someplace nearby, but for now I’m left with Panera and Susie’s near here.  We’ll see what happens.

4 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. Noooo!!! That was one of our favorite places up there. We are always bemoaning that there isn’t an Urban Mill down here. So sad.

  2. I went there 3 times and had bad coffee each time.
    Susie’s is much less crowded than Urban Mill or Panera. But it’s hard for me not to buy a donut!

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