I upgraded my work box to rh9 the other day, and I’m finding more little oddities than I did at home. For instance, the volume control on my xmms doesn’t appear to work anymore. I started up gnome-volume-control, and the terminal spit out:

Warning: This version of the Gnome Volume Control
was compiled with OSS version 3.8.2, and your
system is running version 16503.172.158.

I need windows on this box to do some video capture, so I may just start over. We’ll see.

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  1. Yes. I always tweak my install anyway, so in the end it wouldn’t REALLY matter, but rh9 needs to be tweaked less.

  2. Re: RH9 or RH7.3?

    depends on what you’re trying to do. If you’re going for a stable server platform, RH7.3 is probably better than RH9.0. Redhat’s .0 releases have traditionally had lots of problems, everything from stupid little annoyances to major malfunctions. If you want 9.x, wait for 9.1.

    If you’re looking for a desktop platform, other distros (Mandrake, SuSe) are better suited for that. Granted, RH will work just fine as your desktop, and MDK will work fine as a server platform. OTOH, this is a multiple choice quiz, and you’re asked to pick which answer works -best- given the question.

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