It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that’s because so much has happened. How odd.

  • I didn’t get a motorcycle

  • My father-in-law gave me one of his old farm trucks (it’s cool)

  • We took our kids to their first movie in a theatre (Finding Nemo). They did wonderfully, and had a great time.

  • The doc found a lump in my daughter’s belly

  • After exciting (for her) trips to the surgeon, its origin was determined, and our minds put at ease (she’s fine)

  • I proved that my wireless issues are the fault iof the WAP.

  • My Zaurus is being returned to me because they couldn’t find anything wrong (so I’ll have to call them 24 hours after I get it to complain again)

  • I got a summer lackey to do my bidding at work (Hi brian).

  • Molly rode a horse today for the first time (it’s a miniature horse, smaller than a pony, but still a horse)

  • WCSG, WaYfm, and HKR are now streaming live on the net again.

Coming up next in june

  • Father’s day. I’m getting a Gamecube (yes, with zelda). We’ll also be going to see the new Rugrats/Wild Thornberry’s movie.

  • White water rafting with my folks and sister in West virginia.

  • Removal of myself from the gene pool.

  • That’s all in June, I’ll post about July’s events in July. :)

One thought on “no comment

  1. Just catching up on your posts. It’s odd, but I’ve been hankerin’ for a bike too. My fascination comes from too many episodes of Monster Garage and American Chopper, so I’m more inclined to wanting a big cruiser. But I like that Suzuki you linked to elsewhere. I figure I have easily 8 months out of the year (more, if it’s dry) to ride out here in the desert.

    As for removing yourself from the gene pool, welcome to the club. :-)

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