8 thoughts on “Evil

  1. Eh, it’s only evil because Unix was originally designed not to have spaces in filenames, then (eons ago) they started allowing it, but a lot of shell programs didn’t change to compensate for the brokenness that would result when space could no longer be relied upon as a delimiter between filenames.

    It’s Unix’s fault!

    If Windows has analogous problems, it’s because they’re equally braindead. :)

    Classic Macs never had problems with spaces in filenames…

  2. Specific machines can handle it, but computing as a whole has problems because some systems have a problem with it.

    How hard is it to not put spaces in filenames? Should filenames really be sentences anyway?

  3. How hard is it? It is a *lot* easier to type a space than an underscore. I avoid spaces in filenames as much as possible since it does make some things a bit more complicated (such as moving/copying from the command line).

    I am guessing that you have a specific reason to issue such a proclamation. :-)

  4. Of course. :) Today I got about 5 files in one email message from the same guy. Here’s a sample filename:
    Current Faithful Friend one-time gift Sharathon page.doc
    That’s just ugly for one thing, a pain in the butt to change all the spaces to underscore for another thing.

  5. …that’s why I use “-” and not “_” for spaces in a file name…. I find the whole thing kind of “spacey”… :)

  6. My main beef with people who use spaces in their filenames are when they try and use said files on their website(s)…..

    File systems may or may not be able to handle them properly, but the Web was definitely not meant for it – even if some browsers have some level of built-in “stupidity”-protection now….

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