A couple weeks ago we put The Flannel Sheets on the bed. Flannel sheets pretty much need to be replaced each year, since their very nature is soft and fuzzy, and that wears off over time. Since you really only want them when it’s cold, they usually just get pitched in the spring.

Flannel sheets are probably the single greatest creature comfort in my life. It’s not about the warmth really, though they are warm. It’s about the texture. Good flannel sheets make you feel like you’re sleeping inside a warm cloud.

If you’ve never tried them, you really really should. At least once. They’re amazing. Really.

7 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. Only one problem with flannel sheets. Flannel jammies tend to get caught up and it’s hard to roll over without stealing your wife’s covers. Then I find that I wake up later COLD when she’s taken them back…

  2. I LOVE flannel sheets! I used to beg my Mom to switch my bed as soon as it turned chilly. Unfortunately, they just don’t work here in Florida…

  3. Yes. However, the texture is so great that it would be worth taking all the other blankets off your bed just to sleep with flannel sheets if that keeps you cool enough.

  4. I *love* the feeling of smooth, cool sheets on my bed. I love *real* sheets – two-hundred count or so, not fluffy shirt-material. Smooth, cool sheets are wonderful in cool weather but nothing beats sliding between two smooth, cool sheets on a warm summer night. Ahh. I can imagine it now…

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