I’ve noticed that kids talk like their parents do.  That involves dialect, slang, word patterns, etc.  I saw some kids on TV the other day that curse like sailors, and people were surprised.  Hello?  Where do you think they got it?

Parents learn to talk like their kids sometimes too.  We want our girls to say things like "Excuse me" and "Thank you" and "Please", so we’ve worked hard at doing it ourselves.  And we try to use these words when talking to the girls.  When Molly’s talking, and I interrupt, I apologize, and let her know it was rude of me.  Toddler words tend to creep in too.  When Molly was 1, winter was coming on, and one day when we went out, she said "It kin’a chiwwy out!", and we laughed and have said it ever since.

Anomolies can creep in though.  There’s one in our family, and I can’t figure out how it happened.  When I tell the girls to get dresses for bed, I tell them to put on their "pih-JAM-uhs".  They call them "puh-JAH-muhs".  It’s a farily common way to say it, but with all the years we’ve been saying it one way, why have they grown into another?

How odd.

2 thoughts on “Family linguistics

  1. let’s just hope the girls continue to imitate ya’ll more than the other way around. i have a friend who does this super creepy baby talk thing. i think she things it’s cute, but it sounds like a creepy demon is in the room. ugh.

  2. you know…if you were really cruel, you could make up a language and teach it to your kids….wait scratch that….teach it to kids that are mean to yours…ok yeah….so you make up these outrageous words and so you’re with your kids at the park and some bully is being mean so you go and talk to them and you use your made up word…make the kid think it’s a real word then he goes and uses it and gets laughed at…..that would be funny 🙂 that’s what i’d do….or start talking to them in binary. HA that would really mess them up……

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