Today we have two stories, one from long ago, and one from recently.  The recent shall be first:

Molly has a favorite game to play in the car, and it has proven to be quite a hit with the parents as well.  It’s called Mum, and the rules are simple; see who can go the longest without saying anything.  Sophi’s not such a fan, it’s work for her.  But Molly can go hours without saying anything, and it’s just a blast for her.  More power to her.

Now for the old story, also about Molly.  Molly watched a lot of Noggin when she was 2 or so, and it taught her a lot.  She learned a lot about shapes specifically, and not just "circle", "square" etc.  One day my wife was wearing some jammy pants in the house, and they had a little pattern on them.  Little Molly said "Excuse me mom, can you hold still?".  Then she looked closely at her pants, and said "Hey!   Your pants have little trapezoids on them!".  We looked closely, and sure enough, the pattern was little trapezoids scattered all over.

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