This last weekend my dad took me to Camp Barakel for a Father Son Retreat. We got there on Friday evening and took off Sunday morning. They had all kinds of activities like tubing on a BIG hill, skiiing, ice skating, human ice bowling, etc, but my dad has a bad back and 2 bad knees, so we did more of the “sit round the fire drinking hot cider playing games” kinda thing. Which is more up my alley anyway.

We had a really good time just kicking back, catching up on old times, etc. My mom went and worked in the kitchen, so we saw her a couple times per day and said hi etc.

I spent a LOT of time at Barakel in my younger years, and my parents worked there a lot as nurse, so we’re pretty close with most of the staff. We hadn’t been there in a number of years though, so we tracked them all down and marvelled at the size of their kids, found out where certain people were these days, etc.

One of these days I’m going to make a real bang-up website for them.

One thought on “Father Son Retreat

  1. So when will you organize another “weekend at Topher’s parents’ house”? That weekend was a blast “back in the day”.

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