Part of The Plan for Father’s Day was to take me to Famous Dave’s for ribs.  I really needed it last week though, so we jumped the gun and they took me out then.  It was fabulous.

Then on Friday afternoon I left work a little early and we all went out to Rivertown and watched Madagascar.  That was also partly for Molly’s half birthday.  As we were leaving, Molly said “That was a really great time Mom and Dad, thanks so much!”.  We have great kids.

She was right, it was a really fun time, and a fun movie.  I would have liked to see more of the monkeys, but them’s the breaks.

Saturday afternoon we took the girls to Howard City where my folks were reenacting.  Molly’s spent the night with them doing that before, but it was Sophi’s first time.  They had a total blast.

Sunday morning we hooked up with friends Dave and Juli and went to IKEA in Chicago.  The trip was mostly for their benefit, but they needed navigation help, and we like to go, so away we went.  It was Dave’s first time, and he was blown away.  It’s like shopping from a fire hose, to whip up a few metaphores.

We got home in time to muddle over all the things we like to do to our kitchen, and watch a little of Trading Places and hit the sack.  I had a good Father’s Day/Week.  🙂

Update: On Sunday my girls called and left me voice mail.  Vonage rocks.  🙂

One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. “a fun movie. I would have liked to see more of the monkeys, but them’s the breaks.”

    I personally liked the penguins – “Cute and Cuddly boys, cute and cuddly”. That’s what MEPIS means to me.

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