Ripped from the headlines! No, really, I’m ripping it off. This story sounds amazing to me simply because of the scheduling. A world wide bank robbery happening all at once. That’s neato. Here’s the /. article:

“A global flash mob of ATM thieves netted $9 million in fraud against ATMs in 49 cities around the world. The computer system for a company called RBS WorldPay was hacked. One service of the company is the ability for employers to pay employees with the money going directly to a debit card that can be used in any ATM. The hacker was able to infiltrate the supposedly secure system and steal the information necessary to duplicate or clone people’s ATM cards. Shortly after midnight Eastern Time on November 8, the FBI believes that dozens of the so-called cashers were used in a coordinated attack on ATMs around the world. Over 130 different ATMs in 49 cities worldwide were accessed in a 30-minute period on November 8. ‘We’ve never seen one this well coordinated,’ the FBI said. So far, the FBI has no suspects and has made no arrests (PDF) in this scam.”

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