When I added the sidebox showing categories, I was made aware of a dearth of music reviews on my blog. This amazed me, since my tastes in music vary so wildly. Those who know me know that my tastes in food are simple and usually tightly controlled. I make up for that in the variety of music I listen to. So on with the reviews.

Sometime in the early 90’s I was introduced to They Might Be Giants, specifically the album Flood. There is no specific genre, I found it in the "alternative" section the other day. It’s a crazy whacky combination of styles and words and ideas. It’s like sci-fi for music; "what would the world be like if music were THIS way?", or like if Wierd Al did original tunes.

They sing about lighting birdhouses in your soul, and about how you can’t shake hands with the devil and say you’re only kidding. They sing about losing their lucky ball and chain, Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love, and the famous "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)".

In the late 90’s Tiny Tunes did some music video’s for their songs, and they were quite good.

This cd, this group, and this style of music will NOT appeal to everyone; indeed, I suspect a great many people will cry out "You actually LIKE this crap!?!?". But I do. A lot. It’s not only fun, but for me it brings back a lot of memories, and music has a way of doing that for people, regardless of quality.

If you’re interested in trying some, let me know.

One thought on “Flood, They Might Be Giants

  1. It’s amazing that our tastes in food overlap so little, yet our tastes in music harmonize so well 😉

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