Do you remember the Tylenol poisoning scare of the 80’s? I do, though it didn’t affect me much at the time. It affects everyone now though, because “safety sealing” pretty much stemmed from that. My mustard has a plastic wrap over the top, and also has a sealed plastic and aluminum cover under the top. Water bottles are the same way.

The other day we bought some ice cream. It came in a cardboard box with the ends folded over. There was one box that got leaned on a little bit, and the cardboard folded a little, and you could actually SEE the ice cream in there.

How did ice cream miss the safety sealing boat?

3 thoughts on “For your protection

  1. Could it have something to do with shelf life? Seems like the inner seal on ketchup/mustard is just a way that it can sit in the store longer before it has to be tossed.

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