Molly’s full name is Emalina, and the other day she decided to change what
people call her.

So, I introduce to you, Ema.

3 thoughts on “Molly == Ema

  1. And Grandma is having a difficult time remembering the new name. We must go back to the name tags or a t-shirt with her name on it. Smiles.

  2. That is just too cute. Growing up, everyone called me Amy. I hated it. When I went to college, I informed Ked and his sister, since they were the only ones that knew me, that I now am Amelia, my full name. My parents and brother still have a hard time with it, 13 years later!

  3. The “childhood” name never goes away. So I’m glad she is deciding now. Ema is a cool name. I like that it has one ‘m’. Pithy.

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