When coffee shop free wifi started to become all the rage a few years back, Barnes and Nobles went the pay route. The cut a deal with AT&T to sell wifi. If you wanted to get online at BN, you paid a monthly fee, or a daily one-time fee. One perk is that it worked at all McDonalds as well.

Apparently they’ve finally realized it’s the wrong way to go. My wife got an email from them saying it was now free (still through AT&T interestingly enough). We were there today and I confirmed it.

Now if Schuler Books could keep theirs online, we’d have a nice network of book stores in town with wifi.

2 thoughts on “Free Wifi at Barnes and Noble

  1. Schuler Books has semi-annually disappointed me — I’ve gone to get various tire issues taken care of across the street at Discount Tire, and go check each time to see if they’ve “gotten with the program”… too snooty about their cafe, and probably don’t want no-money college kids hanging around not buying anything…

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