GAIM is a great IM client.  I’ve been using it for years, and the next BIG version is set to come out eventually.  🙂  Gaim 2.0 has been in development for a very long time now, but beta4 came out yesterday.

gaim buddy list screenshotEver since beta 1 there’s been one main thing that keeps me from using it.  They’ve put buddy icons in the buddy list, maknig each buddy take up about 4 times the screenspace.  Since I have well over 200 buddies, with about 100 online at any given time, that gets painful quickly.

If there were a preference to turn it off, I’d be happy, but in the interest of "simplifying" things, that preference has been removed.  There are several other things that have been added to take up enormous amounts of screenspace, like the status thing at the bottom, with my buddy icon.

It seems quite fast, and looks pretty, but at this point there are NO new features I want, and many that I don’t.  Makes me sad.

4 thoughts on “GAIM 2.0 Beta 4

  1. yup. I got home from work today and my accounts.xml file (2.0beta3, win32) was blown away for no apparent reason. Installed beta4 and it ran so badly I had no choice but to go back to beta3.

    GAIM 1.x was sweet, simple, and to the point. 2 seems to want to take over your desktop by default. beta4 apparently wants my CPU also.

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