Lucky The DogLast week a little dog showed up at my in-laws farm.  They live far enough from people that it could only have been dropped off my some jerk.

She wasn’t long for this world unless someone decided to get it off the farm, and my mother-in-law thought it would make a good dog for us.  So last night we went up and got her.

Her name is Lucky, and she’s a terrier.  I haven’t heard her make a single sound yet, which is nice.  She gets pretty excited by food, but otherwise is content to lay quietly on her blanket by the heater.

She has a very tiny body, part naturally, partly because of hunger.  So when we take her outside to do her business, she gets VERY cold.  She tries hard to not get outside, and when it’s time to go in she hurtles into the house and runs over to the heater and lays down on it.

We had a cat for a couple months a few years ago, and it didn’t work out.  Lucky shows a lot more promise.  It’s ironic that our dog is quieter than our cat was.  

2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Lucky

  1. What a CUTE dog. We just tried a dog and it didn’t work out. Sent it to a new family in Lansing last week. Truly one of the saddest moments of life so far (and it’s even sadder to realize that).

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