A couple years ago, our debt was looking pretty ominous, and we started looking into debt consolidation.  It felt like we were in financial ruin, but looking back on it, we had it pretty good.  Our credit was (and still is) immaculate, and we’re FAR less in debt than their average client.  It’s all perspective I guess.  We’re still working through it, but we’re well on our way, and should have nothing but house, car, and student loans when we’re done.

We decided to work with Springboard.  They claim to be the best credit management organization out there, and after having watched the industry for a couple years, I believe it.  The frightening thing is that we chose them almost at random after I did a quick Google search.  There are SO many crooked ones out there that it’s only by the grace of God that we didn’t get in with the wrong crowd.

A while back I wrote about a blog I read that covers this topic.  Jeff, the author, has close ties to Springboard, and wrote a good book about credit/debt management.  I dropped him a note about the book, and asked some questions.  He wrote back right away, gave some advice, and passed my questions on to Dianne, the President and CEO of Springboard.  She then wrote to me today (saturday) from her personal AOL address no less, answered my questions, and offered to send me a free copy of Jeff’s book.

I almost feel like I’m working with an Open Source organization.  I would never have expected a large organization, particularly a financial one, to give me such personal attention from so far up the ladder.  I’ve become a raving fan.  🙂

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