When I was up north at Christmas, my mom recognized me, and spoke as if she understood what people were saying. Over the last few months she’s slowly faded. She sleeps most of the time now, and my dad simply takes care of her. She’s has hospice care for months now, so he has some time to live.

Medicare recently sent him a letter saying they wouldn’t pay for her meds anymore, no reason given. He’s working on getting that back in place. In the meantime, Hospice simply gave him a month’s worth of meds.

She currently has a strep infection that’s particularly strong. Only two known antibiotics fight it, and those not very well. He has to wear gloves when he touches her, and double wash her bedding etc. She can’t have visitors.

Through it all God is good. At some point she’ll be free.

4 thoughts on “Getting ready

  1. Praying for you and your family. Glad that Hospice has been such a help. The strep antibiotics can do some weird / harsh things to the body too…

  2. I accidently stumbled upon your site through google, while looking for a song lyric (and thought… wait! I know this site!)

    I am praying that God’s comforting grasp continues to surround all of you…

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