You may have noted that I recently got a new phone. One of my reasons for getting a Smart Phone like that is to be able to use it as a mobile computer, and be able to resolve emergencies from anywhere.

One of the tools I really need is an SSH client. On my last phone I used PocketPuTTY, and it was barely adequate. With this new phone I went hunting again, and found mToken. There are lots of screenshots on their site, but they’re all large, blinky, and annoying.

The client itself is amazing. Here are a few of the things I like about it:

It’s not a port of a desktop app, it was designed with Windows Mobile in mind, so it tends to take better advantage of the platform.
It’s amazingly fast, in every aspect. The interface loads quickly, and when I connect it interacts with the server instantly. I didn’t realize this was a problem with other clients until I tried this one. PocketPuTTY takes some time to load, then some time to put up what I type, and some time to draw the output, etc. mToken is as fast as the connection will let it be, which on wifi is pretty much instantaneous.
Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever use it for anything other than regular ssh, but it’s cool to know that it can do stuff like ssh tunneling, telnet, and act as a modem. It also has loads of options like ssh compression, screen fonts, full screen, power saving, and session histories.

It’s not free, it’s $50. That was kind of a downer, but it’s an amazing product, far outshining anything else available, free or not. I highly recommend it.

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