My birthday’s on sunday, so it’s time for new tabs on our vehicles.  I had the little papers they sent me in the mail, and in past years I’ve noticed that 10am is a good time to go.  It’s after the pre-work crowd is gone, and before the lunch crowd gets there.

Today I got there at 10:15, just as Roundabout was starting on the radio.  So sad.  I headed in, saw there was no line, but there were two women behind the greeter counter.  I went up and said I needed new tabs for my plates, and one woman went over and stood by the express line which had no-one in it.  The lady behind the counter checked a couple things and sent me over to the express line.

I handed her my papers, whipped out the checkbook and started making out the check.  By the time the check was written, she was done and I had my tabs.  Out I went, in time to hear the end of Roundabout.

I was literally in there less than 60 seconds.  Happy day.

3 thoughts on “Gone in 60 seconds

  1. Next time you’re in there, ask them why I, a 24-year old who grew up on a lake, needs to take boaters’ safety to operate a wave-runner. Silly laws 🙂

  2. Of course it must be noted that the song “Roundabout” is 8 minutes and 35 seconds long (or so says iTunes)… Which I’ll grant you is incredibly fast for the Secretary of State….

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