Sometime in the next month I’m leaving my relatively private cubicle where the people around me LIKE it when I blast my music to a place where Personal Volume Only is the standard.

Therefore, I’m looking for some good headphones. Not earbuds, apparently my ears are shaped differently than The Ear Model, and they all hurt after an hour or so. I’m looking for the good old fashioned kind that go all around the ear, maybe with gel in the rings.

Suggestions? I’d like to spend around $50 I think.

One thought on “Got headphones?

  1. The Sony model I use when I am on the air fits your description. Feel free to come into the studio and check them out to see if you like ’em. Best Buy usually has them for between 30 and 60 bucks, depending on shape (you can go an ear size larger) and reasonance.

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