The good news?  I only owe a total of $1900.00 in taxes this year!  Woo hoo! 

The better news?  I just finished a huge job that should bring a check for twice that in the next week or so.  God provides.

I went back to again this year, mostly because they have all my past taxes on file, and let me know what I did last year.  That’s quite handy.  I was saddened to note however that they don’t like my operating system OR browser anymore, and I had to use IE.  Slashdot is not interested in that fact, interestingly enough.

So why do I pay so much?  I make lots of untaxed money.  All my side work comes untaxed.  That means I get a 1099 from each place I worked, and I have to wait for those to come before I can do my taxes, which is a pain.  I’d have them done Jan1 if I had the paperwork.

Last November I got a nasty-gram from GR saying that I owed $50 interest on a 0 balance for my taxes.  That really puzzled me, so I called them.  It turns out, since I paid more than $100 in taxes for 2003, I was supposed to have filed quarterly, and the $50 was a FINE.  No mention of that fact on the bill.  Since I didn’t find that out until November, I didn’t file quarterly in 2004 either, so I’ll probably get a fine this year too.  Hope I don’t go to jail. 

And now I’ll be learning about quarterly taxes as well.

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