13 thoughts on “Happy birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday.
    I see you are celebrating by not being at a computer. Which is how it should be. Make sure you get some good food today.

  2. Feliz Feliz Feliz Birthday!!! (forget the Spanish word for Birthday) Hope you are having the most excellent Birthday ever.

    I looked for you on IM but I am glad to report that I did not find you online! (It’s always better to celebrate with those close by then those on other continents!)

  4. Toph, have a great day buster!
    Enjoy the day!
    Take your shoes off and enjoy the carpet!
    Sit on Cate’s lap and snuggle!
    Take your girls out for cake!

  5. Ditto to all the well wishes. It must be nice having you birthday in the middle of Summer. Can you say Bar B Que?!

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