3 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

  1. the term “vaporware” comes to mind with current book authors, even though the term applies specifically to technologies….it’s been how long since she released the last book…..1.5 years?

    Same with Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time series….last book came out in Nov 2003, next book date projected to be Oct. 2005 *sighs*

    For those of us that can read a book in a shorter time, this is torture….I haven’t bought the last book of either series as a result – I’m not sure that I’m going to buy anymore books from either series until they get the last books near completion…

  2. I know what you mean. But she at least is writing as fast as she can. The books are getting longer and deeper with every one.

    Robert Jordan has written at least 2 Conan books while in the middle of the Wheel series. That’s just a pain. and now the latest wheel book is a *prequel*. It doesn’t even continue the story.

    I quit reading Wheel at about book 7 I think. I’ll start over when they’re all out, or if he dies, maybe I’ll never read them again.

    With Harry Potter, I re-read the entire series in the weeks leading up to a new book release, so I’m up to speed. Which means I’ve read the first one 5 times. 🙂

  3. *nods* my problem is that (for me) it’s been soooo long between releases, that I’ve read all of the books (except #5, which I haven’t bought) multiple times and can remember pretty much all of what happens in them fairly clearly.

    When the final books come out, I’ll probably buy them and read them – but most of the accompanying interest that existed when the series first started will not be present.

    Don’t get me wrong – I understand the concepts of timed marketing, and getting the most out of sales – but authors used to FINISH (at least mostly) writing a series before they released the first book – so that they could keep the readers interested and not lose them along the way.

    I’m sure that working on / with the movies didn’t help with book writing any either….

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