The day before yesterday we went over to see my dad in the hospital. They were finally able to draw off that fluid and he felt a LOT better. They put in a PICC line, so they can put antibiotics when they need to, and my sister (a nurse) is able to administer them.

Yesterday he went home, and he’s a lot happier now. Good coffee, good food, his own bed, etc. He can’t do a whole lot, but it’s good to be home.

He still has chemo and radiation coming at him in a few weeks, so please keep praying.

One thought on “Home at last

  1. I’m praying for your dad and your whole family. May the Lord strengthen you all for His service, purposes and glory.
    I remember when you compassionately came to visit me in ’96 after my car accident — since then I’ve recovered an amazing amount of strength, lived overseas, traveled a lot, bought a condo, and both my parents have gone Home-home. God has strengthened and comforted me after that, too, in Jesus’ name.
    Cheers and blessings!

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