No, not me, didn’t you read my previous post?

In the last several months I’ve noticed more and more people standing at the end of off-ramps of freeways here in town holding signs saying “Homeless and hungry”. Seeing one made me sad. Two seemed odd. 8 seemed suspicious.

My wife has seen those folks being dropped off and picked up by a van, and I’ve seen them together in a group. It would seem that there’s an organized pan handling gang in town. It bothers me most when I see them with little kids and puppies, sitting there for hours.

Anyone know more of the story?

One thought on “Homeless and hungry

  1. We see them all the time down here in Indianapolis. I’ve seen the same group of guys working the same few intersections for MONTHS! I’ve heard that they make more than I do and they consider it their JOB. Yeah, even though they’re actually doing the opposite of contributing to society. I don’t believe ANY signs any more.

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