We took the girls to see Hoodwinked the other day, right before shipping them off to grandma’s for the week.  In the first 5 minutes, I was a little dubious, and resigned myself to a Barney level movie.  It quickly warmed up after that though.

The whole movie is a giant play on several pop-culture movies, with lots of other little references.  The wolf IS Fletch.  The attitude, the lines, the costumes, and even the Laker’s jersey.  When he knocked on Granny’s door, he said "Candygram".  It was just a hoot.

There were lots of XXX and Matrix references as well.

All in all, there was enough silliness to keep the girls happy, and enough humorous cultural references to keep the grown-ups laughing.  I don’t know if I’d suggest seeing it in the theatre without a good reason (like treating two little girls), but it’s good for a laugh on dvd.

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