Rand In Repose wrote an interesting article about Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder.  It was frighteningly accurate in its description of me, and the several people I pointed it out to felt the same way about themselves.  Read through it at least once and see if you fit as well.  Please comment, I’m really interested in how many bloggers this fits.

For the record, today when I pointed it out to Ed, I had open on my desktop a browser window with 4 tabs open, another one for phpMyAdmin, email, a term with a shell script open for editing, another one running said shell script, another one ssh’d to my dev server with a file open for editing, my instant messenger client open with 5 tabs up, while wearing headphones with music blasting.

I got TONS of work done today.

One thought on “I have NADD

  1. I always have my email up, firefox with 5-7 tabs, IM with 3-4 conversations, SQL query analyzer, visual studio .net (at least two projects going at a time), itunes playing my tunes, and a couple file manager windows open while I work. I am absolutely NADD infected!

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