Background: Molly’s learning to read.  She finds it to be an arduous task, and prefers to not read, but she knows all her letters, what they sound like, and can sound out pretty much anything now.

In an effort to give her some incentive, I gave her a fortune cookie paper I got the other day and told her that when she could read me the whole thing, we’d go to The Children’s Museum.

She was working very hard on it last night when she looked at me a little suspiciously and asked "Daddy, was this from a fortune cookie?"

"Yes," I replied.

"But I don’t think I speak fortune".

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Background: The girls love to watch Totally Spies at 7 am every day.  It’s their version of my childhood cartoon shows.  This morning I watched for a moment with them, and when The Girls found out the bad guy was standing right behind them, and we went to commercial break, I jumped up and yelled "Oh no, I better go make peanut butter sandwiches!"

Sophi yelled after me "Go Daddy Go!"

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