This is a story about Molly from when she was about 2.  I can’t believe I’ve never posted this story, it’s often commented on in the family.

Molly used to say really obvious stuff, like "Why look! I have socks on ALREADY!", and we’d always say "Imagine that!"

One day she was watching the Sylvester and Tweetie show, and Granny said "imagine that!" and Molly just freaked out.  "MOM! MOM!  Granny said IMAGINE THAT!"  It made a big impact on her.

A few weeks later she was staying with my in-laws, and they took her to a family reunion.  She sat quietly in her high chair eating, and when her tray was empty my father-in-law said "Are you done?"

"Yep!" she replied.

So he took her tray off, and there along her legs was a good bit of lunch.  He said "How did that get there?"

Molly looked up at him spread her hands, and said

"Imagine that!"

She was much enjoyed by everyone there.

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