I haven’t heard the term “Information Super Highway” in a while, so I thought I’d dig it out.

My friend Dodd recently bought to go along with a show they aquired for”>His Kids Radio. At the time, he told me if I logged in and adjusted the DNS within 7 hours, it would be free, but otherwise it would cost $10.

I figured that was a way to keep domain squatters from just registering a name and doing something with it later. I did it, it was free, and life moved on.

The name never started working though, and Nathan was good enough to point out that I’d printed the server name twice in the host field. So I logged in to change it, and found out what Dodd meant about costing $10.

It’s $10 to change any information about your domain name yourself. Every time.

Unless they’re totally incompetant, it should require absolutely nothing of them to make the changes take effect.

The folks who run the .nu TLD are at, don’t get one unless you can’t possibly avoid it.

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