An ossuary is a bone box. Back in Jesus’ day, there weren’t many burial plots available, so they were expensive. People who owned one would bury people, and then after they’d de-composed, take the bones out, put them in an ossuary, and clean out the grave for the next poor soul.

Not too long ago, someone “found” one that said “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus”. It’s now called The James Ossuary.

There are a great many Smart People who have authenticated it, but there are also a great many Smart People who say it’s a forgery.

Cornerstone’s Center fot the Study of Antiquity is having a lecture series, 4 indepentant lectures, 2 by proponants of authenticy, and 2 by detractors. No panel discussion unfortunately.

As a religion major and a history buff, this intrigues me to no end. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I want to spend a month’s worth of wednesday nights away from my family. 🙁

If you plan on going, let me know.