I’m going to be a bit vague about some things in this post. I don’t want to actually hurt anyone.

There’s a fairly large street near our house, the name of which starts with F. It’s 4 lane, but still “residential”, meaning there are houses all along it, with driveways leading onto it. We drive down it to go to the grocery store.

In one of the houses along this street lives a Man. This Man likes to lay out in the sun. A lot. He chooses to do it on his front lawn, right out by the street. Honestly, I haven’t dared look closely enough to see if he’s actually wearing a thong, but I can tell you he’s not wearing boxers.

He lays out full length AND spreadeagled, presumably to get sun where the sun shouldn’t shine. His feet are typically pointed toward the street as well. I saw him up walking around one time. He looks to be about 40, maybe 45. Wears a nice fat gold chain, and is of course very tan.

It’s his yard, I suppose he can do anything (legal) he wants to in it. But I wish it weren’t that, there.

8 thoughts on “It’s Thong Man!

  1. Just because you “can” do a thing doesn’t mean you “should” do a thing…

    No worries – you can drive up and down Carrier St all day, and you won’t see Moby Cal laying in the front lawn. Or the back one for that matter….

  2. OK… you were trying not to hurt anyone with this post, Topher… but the pain of that visual image could be used to torture prisoners of war…

  3. Better yet, fill one of those gigantic super soakers up with ice-cold water and chase him around the yard with it. Wear cleats ,because the yard’s going to get slippery. 🙂

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