When my wife gets candy she prepares it for eating. It’s typically chocolate, and she gets out a knife and cutting board and cuts it into many small pieces. She then puts all the pieces into a resealable container and puts it in the fridge. When she wants some, she gets 1-3 pieces and has it with coffee and that’s it.

When I get candy, I typically take it to work and set it next to me. Then I work through it until it’s gone and I’m just done with candy for a while. My wife meanwhile, continues to enjoy hers for days, sometimes weeks.

I have taken my wife’s method of candy enjoyment and applied it to the latest Harry Potter book. I had to use a pretty tough knife… never mind. Anyway, my wife got it for me Saturday morning, and here it is Monday and I’m only on the wedding chapter (4 or 5 for the non-readers).

Why you ask (I know you did)? Several reasons. One is that when I read fast I tend to miss bits. Never important ones, but this time I really want everything. All the dialog, all the descriptive details, etc. Another is that when it’s done, that’s it. There isn’t any more. Hopefully I’ll still have good reading to enjoy a week from now.

So don’t tell me anything, I don’t want to know. 🙂 I’ve studiously avoided spoilers etc.

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